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These Businesses Are Full Businesses, some are Franchisers some are not…

Each Business Consists Of:-

  • Huge Markets  - Quality Products – Quality Suppliers
  • Website – Full Training – Accounting System –Professional Marketing Support
  • Natural Health Business  -Master Franchise     $350,000
  • Drone Advertising                                                    $12,000
  • Catering                                                                      $7,000
  • Balloons                                                                      $9,000
  • Home Improvements Products                             $95,000
  • Café Dome Franchise (Franchise)                        $185,000
  • Wine Bar (Franchise)                                              $185,000
  • Fish n Chips (Franchise)                                        $185,000
  • Health Shop (Franchise)                                        $185,000 
  • Master Franchises Available Fr.                           $360,000

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